With the recent act of Cannabis legalization finishing its first year or implementation in Canada, the idea of buying cannabis seed or otherwise known as marijuana, mary jane, weed, or bhang. It can be a new concept for several Canadian citizens who wish to purchase this commodity.

Therefore the million-dollar question is should you buy your weed at a brick-and-mortar weed store, or should you buy weed online? The sincere answer to this question is that it might depend on the rules and regulations set in place on the particular province that you are currently residing in on the sale of this commodity.

However, for several territories, purchasing cannabis seeds in an online platform is one of the best manners that you can get these marijuana products. This article has broken down some of the reasons that will compel you to buy weed online as long as you are open to it, as with the development of technology it has made this process to be an easy process, as long as you either have a computer, smartphone, or a tablet with a good internet connection.

Below are some of the reasons why you should purchase a cannabis product in an online platform that you most certainly need to be aware of.

  1. IT’S LEGAL.

Dispensaries in Canada’s online platforms that intend to remain a legitimate platform and run operation, which is legal, should be approved by the Canadian government.  Therefore, whenever you buy weed online in Canada, you are most probably purchasing from an online dispensary approved by the government. By buying mary jane on online platforms from a dispensary that is reputable, you are capable of abiding by the rules that are outlined by the act of the Cannabis Act.


A merit that is most certainly evident in the act of purchasing mary jane in online dispensaries that are reputable and online shopping in trusted shopping stores, in general, is the convenience that is provided by the e-commerce websites to the everyday consumers. There is no emphasis enough on this convenience. By being capable of shopping for products on online platforms, especially weed, you eliminate the hindrance of you having to go to the brick-and-mortar shop to get the mary jane product you intended on having.

Online shopping forms allow you to buy your weed product in a quick manner and delivered it directly at the doorstep of your house without having to go out of the house. By purchasing cannabis seeds on online platforms, you save both your time and money in this streamlining process.


The e-commerce websites make the overall buying process much more efficient to tackle the convenience of purchasing weed products on online platforms.  You are capable of shopping more efficiently when you are in possession of all the weed products categories that are available to you on one website.