The Future Is Now With These Amazing Electronic Gadgets!

Australians love their electronics, the industry raked in 25 billion dollars last year and is on track for more next year! Smartphones, home computers, security systems, and smart air are now found in nearly every home, how did we live without them all those years? And the most amazing thing is there are even more electronic wonders in development!

Let’s now take a look into our solar-powered, 3D holographic crystal ball to see what exciting new electronic accessories are being prepared for us to spend a few billion more dollars on!

Things To Come:

  • Smart Ring – Athletes already have devices like pedometers and heart and blood sugar monitors, but they tend to be bulky and focused on just one aspect of the body’s performance. So, imagine all of those diagnostics melded together into one ring to rule them all! The Amazfit Helio Ring gives competitive athletes highly accurate, up-to-date physical data that can help them train more efficiently and improve their performances. All the data they need to excel is right near their fingertip!
  • Smart Indoor/Outdoor Wall Light – Have you noticed that everything is smart these days? The Philips Hue Dymera Wall Light lives up to its name by providing you with a myriad of custom settings and colours to transform your wall into a scintillating work of art, or simply dimming and brightening according to your specifications. Mood lighting evolves to a whole new level, you won’t feel the need to watch TV while this nifty gadget does its tricks!
  • AR Glasses – Speaking of next level, this one was a science fiction movie just a few years back! The TCL RayNeo X2 glasses are a futuristic gizmo designed to enhance your every day activities by placing a virtual 3D display in your field of vision that you can interact with. The possibilities for this are amazing, you can program heads-up notifications like reminders for important events, use face tracking to translate foreign language dialogue, create first-person photography and videography, play games with your friends that include imaginary additions to real spaces, and there is even the option to create an AI onboard “personable virtual entity”! -Jarvis, cancel all my appointments!
  • Portable Personal Air Cooler – Mocoro’s handy dandy device is able to humidify air, clean air by capturing dust particles, and cool an area of 4 square metres with a nearly silent fan. Its evaporative cartridge is fashioned from mineral fibres that stop bacteria and mould from growing, so your fresh, cool air is always going to be clean and easy to breathe!

These are just a small taste of the incredible electronic accessories that are arriving on the market now and in the near future. There are more wonders coming, who knows what’s next? The next thing you know we will have robot vacuum cleaners that can even deliver a snack to you while you watch TV! What’s that? We already have those? The future is now!