Practical and Useful Uses of An Old Fridge

It is time you need to look for a new refrigerator, which also means you need to think about what to do with the old unit. It may be essential to move the old refrigerator before you order as you have less space in the kitchen where you plan to install the new unit.

You chose the LG brand 3-door model from Now, you need to take care of your old unit to make a place for the new LG lfxs28566s model. Don’t restock until the new fridge arrives and gets installed. Your old fridge freezer may take some time to defrost, so make sure to move the unit to an area, where water leakage will not a problem.

If you are planning to dispose it, then check if it contains harmful things like hydrofluorocarbons, which need extra care while disposing of. You can check the manual to see if harmful things were used or not. The old unit can be used practically in several ways.

  • If the fridge is in working condition and not using a lot of energy, then think about using it as a second fridge. It is a great fridge storage option for a large family.
  • You can turn the extra fridge into a huge cooler. Remove the wirings, door, and shelves. The interior is intact. On heated summer days and parties fill the interior with ice. The insulation keeps the food and beverages cool without electricity for 24 hours.
  • It can be used as a pantry in the kitchen, just remove the door.
  • You can lower the fridge down in the ground to use as a root cellar for vegetable storing.

If you have less space and don’t want to keep the old fridge then…….

  • Give it to a family or friend, who needs it. The fridge is costly, so even an old one can be useful to someone whose elder teen is moving out.
  • Donate it to the local charity that caters to homeless people. This is better than going into the trouble of selling an old model. However, you will need to incur the transportation cost to the local charity facility but is for a good cause.
  • Instead of dumping take it to a recycling plant, where it gets scrapped and the valuable parts get used. It ensures your old appliance does not add to the landfill.