Why Do Men Need To Consider Skin Care & Hair Care?

Several years ago, it was a world of soap and water for the average guy. They would simply apply this mixture to their skin and hair. Clearly, the demand for men’s products appears to have increased year after year, owing to the realisation that men, too, need to look the part and that there are advantages to doing so. Given the abundance of men’s skincare products and hair care products in the market, you may be wondering why you should invest in these items and adopt a new grooming regimen. So, here are some of the reasons why men should take care of their skin and hair. Here we go –

1. High Testosterone Levels

The simple fact is that men’s skin is much oilier than women’s skin. This distinction is due to testosterone. Men’s high testosterone levels often result in increased oil production and, as a result, more skin health problems. This is why men’s skincare products are designed to not only deep clean your face but also provide less moisture than a woman’s face wash, as well as minimal smell and fragrances. You can buy skincare products by ManMatters which are clinically proven and have science-backed ingredients explicitly designed for Men’s skin.

2. Thick Skin

There is also variation in pores and skin thickness. Because of more collagen and elastin, men’s skin should be 20%-30% thicker than women’s. This distinction is emphasised by your skin’s ability to withstand the sun’s harmful UV rays. Furthermore, because your skin is naturally hydrated, it ages slower than women’s. However, this does not absolve you of responsibility. You will still require a moisturiser and a sun block tailored to your skin health needs to hydrate and protect it from the sun.

3. A lot of Time Outdoors

Guys spend a lot of time outside. You are always active outside, whether you are mowing the lawn, shooting hoops with your friends, or going for a long jog in the scorching sun. As we all know, UV rays can cause premature ageing, skin damage, and even cancer. Because your skin contains fewer antioxidants than a woman’s skin, you may be at a higher risk. Pay attention and buy skincare products with an SPF of 15 or higher, depending on your sun exposure.

4. Male Pattern Baldness

Male pattern baldness, also called androgenic alopecia, is the most common type of hair loss in men. According to the United States National Library of Medicine (NLM), male pattern baldness affects more than half of all men over the age of 50. Genetics or having a family history of baldness is one cause of male pattern baldness. Investing in the right hair care products can help you combat this. Hair gummies and minoxidil are two such products. Minoxidil slows hair loss and stimulates hair follicles to grow new hair in some men. It can take four months to a year to see visible results. Similarly, hair gummies contain biotin, zinc and multivitamins to improve hair health and prevent thinning of hair. Regular intake of these hair vitamins helps improve hair’s texture, thickness and strength. They provide you with a nourished scalp and a healthy mane. You can also schedule an online doctor consult with a hair doctor who can guide you in your hair regrowth journey.

5. Boosts Self-confidence

Everyone values self-confidence, and the state of our hair and skin health has a significant impact on how we perceive ourselves. Booking an appointment with a reputable salon can help you regain your confidence and be healthy and happy with your appearance.

Having your hair done by quality salons and stylists gives you confidence for any occasion, whether it’s a social gathering with friends or a job interview. Confidence is essential for success, and your grooming greatly contributes to your confidence.

6. A Reflection on Your Overall Health

Believe it or not, the condition of your hair and skin can be one of the most important signs of your overall health. Vibrant, healthy hair indicates that your body produces enough vitamins and nutrients to keep your body operating at peak performance. Unhealthy, dry, and frizzy skin may indicate changing your diet or skincare routine to improve your overall health and well-being.

Healthy hair and skin are essential to your physical and mental well-being and should be prioritised. It is possible to have healthy, vibrant hair at all times with proper maintenance and care. Furthermore, your overall confidence will be significantly improved and allows you to live a more fulfilling life.

Over to You

Taking care of your hair is a wonderful and healthy habit to develop. When you know your hair type and understand the basics, you can create a simple and easy-to-follow routine. If you’re dealing with more difficult hair issues like hair loss, do your research first. You can also explore science-backed hair care products by ManMatters catered to address different hair problems. You should consult with a hair doctor about your options.

Similarly, for skin care, no matter what skin type you have, there are several highly rated and effective products to choose from for skin care. The most important thing to remember when shopping for skincare products is that everyone’s skin is different, and finding the right combination of products for your skin health may require some trial and error.

With the telehealth sector booming, you can also go for an online doctor consult with ManMatters, which has an expert panel of doctors that can help you in your overall wellness journey from hair, skin, beard, sleep, weight and sexual health.


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