Five Common Kinds of Glass Pipes

Glass pipes are designed to be used for smoking tobacco or herbs. They feature a unique flavor that enhances the experience of smokers. There are various kinds of glass pipes near me available on the market. Also, smoking glass pipes are available in different colors and styles.

Some glass pipes have an ice reservoir or smoking chamber that cools the smoke. Precise chemical formulations are used to design these devices. Glass pipes are polished and cut form big pieces of glass-like gemstones while others are woven from delicate glass stands. Below are the various kinds of glass pipes:


Bubblers have a compact design and a water filtration feature. They are made with an inbuilt bowl. Bubblers are perfect for filtering the harsh taste due to resins and tars. Before the smoker inhales the smoke, the pipes diffuse the smoke through water. Such a process eliminates the resins and tars, causing the smoke to have a smoother taste.

Sherlock Pipes

These glass pipes have a unique shape that provides smokers a comfortable smoking experience. Smokers who use a Sherlock pipe can blow the bowl down easily away from their faces. Therefore, there is no way they can burn their hair or nose. These smoking pipes are more delicate and bigger than regular spoon pipes. These devices are perfect for people who are smoking inside the house or those who want to smoker closer to the pipe.

Chillums or Hand Pipes

These pipes are the main kind of weed bowls. They are small and have a simple design. The smoking material is packed into the end, lightened, and inhaled. But, due to the simplicity of the device, they can e used only for small amounts of herbs or tobacco.


Spoons have a carburetor. After producing the smoke, the device becomes stale. The carburetors make it possible to draw in more air. Spoons are designed with a mouthpiece, a carb, and a bowl. Because they are small in size, they can be fit into the hand of the smoker.


These devices have a bowl on a glass that fits on one side. Both ends are open and the end near the blow serves as the carb. Some of these pipes have chambers between the mouthpiece and the blow which help cool the smoke. While they are known for hard, hot rips, they can be used for smoking weed bowls. A lot of those new to smoking pipes start with steamrollers.