Find The Best Jewellery For Your Zodiac Sign According To An Astrologer

 Be it air signs, water signs or earth signs, each of the zodiac sign in astrology has its own unique characteristics. And thus, there is a special jewellery to suit each type of the zodiac signs. Be it a gift for someone else or for yourself, choosing a jewellery is a tricky as these signs itself. Each of the jewellery portrays the elements of the special characteristics that the particular sun sign holds. Also, to make the choice more difficult astrological jewellery comes in various options like rings, necklaces, bracelets, and even earrings. So, don’t get distracted.

When it comes to gifting someone special, a friend, a sister, a sister or even yourself, it is task to think of a gift that will be as special as the person. What could be better than a zodiac sign jewellery that complements their own characteristics based on their sun sign. Yes! A piece of jewellery designed on the basis of the astrological elements will not just represent the uniqueness of that person but will also be an important part of their personality enhancing it further.

Have a look at this article to find what’s in store for which sun sign and why should you choose zodiac sign jewellery.

  1. Aries – Aries, the leaders are master in whichever field they belong to and thus like to make a strong impact in whatever they do. Same rule applies to jewellery as well. They prefer to reflect their high energy and infectious enthusiasm through the choice of jewellery they wear. Aries, stay in trend or ahead but never away from the fashion. And so, to fit their boldness, what else would go better than a striking red ruby or coral set. You can opt for a fine ruby necklace or a coral ring or set of earrings to match their charisma.
  2. Taurus – Taurians are usually showcase a practical approach towards life and have an inclement towards the materialistic things more or less. The usually self-indulgent taurians can be extremist and surprise you by opting for a delicate floral jewellery one day and a skull necklace on the other day. Taurus being an earth sign shares a special connect with elements related to the metal. Hence, stones such as topaz, amber, yellow hued stones, etc can make a great choice. Coming to metals, gold and silver both look regal and will be appreciated by the taurian personalities.
  3. Gemini – Gemini personalities are extremely vibrant and lobe to be the point of attraction in whichever room they are. This lively sun sign loves everything that is colourful, quirky and glitters. We would suggest to go for vibrant amethyst stones to make a remarkable appearance.
  4. Cancer – While gifting a Cancerian keep the budget aside. Cancerians are extremely emotional people. Someone who will get attached and not shy away from showcasing their attachment. They believe in ‘forever’ and they mean it in whichever things or people they invest in. So, think no further and go for enticing emeralds straight away!
  5. Leo – What would you call a person who goes into the crowd wearing a crown – A leo definitely. Leo personalities are dramatic in all means and love the limelight. Big-hearted and lively, leo people are made to adorn a piece that resembles to the eye pf the tiger. A zodiac sign jewellery with amber stone in it.
  6. Virgo – Virgos are meticulous and can spot every little detail in a matter of seconds. Their taste is sober and classic and everything far away from drama. Minimalism is way to a Virgos heart. A dainty and pure white pearl set in intricately crafted jewellery set is the best choice for a virgo.
  7. Libra – Libra persons are the ones who love to follow every trend. They love to imitate other personalities wear it like their own. They like to stack all trends possible in in their jewellery collection. Gemstones like topaz and aquamarine that complement most of the styles, can make a good choice for libra personalities.
  8. Scorpio – Tricky, witty, multi-faceted and everything that is mysterious. Winning their heart can be counted as an achievement. But remember, don’t go overdo to win their heart. Keep it simple yet attractive. Zodiac sign jewellery with an opal or a tourmaline make the right choice.
  9. Sagittarius – If there one who is always passing the positive vibes in the room, it has to be Sagittarius. Their wanderlust and friendly nature is obvious to all. A colourful sapphire or turquoise is way to win their heart.
  10. Capricorn – Capricorns are born for a throne. Their ambitious attitude and regal style is impeccable. They are practical in life and thus a jewellery is more of a asset for them than a style element. Lapis lazuli, Onyx and Garnet make the perfect choice for this sign.
  11. Aquarians – Everyone should have a friend like aquarians. Their caring and friendly approach reflects in whatever activity they carry. If you want to win their heart try to go for an eco-friendly zodiac sign jewellery. Gift them a sugilite or a moss agate.
  12. Pisces – There is no one on this planet who can love hard like the Pisces do. They have an attractive appearance and are well-aware how to carry their own style impeccably. Win hearts of the born- dreamers with dreamy zodiac sign jewellery like jade, rock crystal and sapphire.


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