5 Snorkelling Essentials for Your Next Underwater Adventure

Snorkelling is a great way to explore underwater sights and environments without the big upfront commitment of time, money and education associated with scuba diving. From colourful coral reefs to schools of exotic fish, snorkelling allows you to discover what lies beneath in a fun and safe way. To make the most of your snorkelling experience, it’s crucial to pack the right gear for your adventure. From a high-quality mask and snorkel to reef shoes, this article will go over five snorkelling essentials that you should consider before your next snorkelling adventure.

A High-Quality Mask & Snorkel Set

A mask and snorkel set is arguably the most crucial piece of equipment for any snorkelling trip. A good-quality mask should fit comfortably on your face, providing a watertight seal without causing discomfort. The mask’s lens should ideally be made from tempered glass, which is less prone to scratches and fogging than regular glass or plastic lenses. The snorkel should have a silicone mouthpiece for comfort and a purge valve to make it easy to clear water from the tube. A dry-top snorkel is a great choice, as it prevents water from entering the snorkel even when you’re submerged, allowing you to breathe effortlessly while exploring the water.

Comfortable Fins

A pair of comfortable fins can make all the difference when snorkelling. Fins help you to navigate the water with ease, allowing you to cover greater distances and reach deeper depths without exhausting yourself. Choose a pair of fins that fit snugly yet comfortably on your feet, with adjustable heel straps for a more customised fit when needed. You may also consider investing in open-heel fins, which can be worn in combination with reef shoes for extra protection when walking on rocky shores or entering the water from a boat.

Reef Shoes

Reef shoes offer protection for your feet when walking on rocky and rough surfaces, wading through shallow water or swimming over sharp coral. They’re typically made from lightweight, quick-drying materials and feature a sturdy sole for optimal grip. Not only do reef shoes protect your feet from cuts and scrapes, but they also provide extra support and stability when wearing fins.

Rash Guard or Wetsuit

A rash guard or wetsuit is another essential item for snorkelling enthusiasts. These garments provide protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays, as well as from stinging marine life such as jellyfish. A rash guard is typically made from lightweight, stretchy fabric and can be worn on its own or under a wetsuit for added warmth in colder water. A wetsuit, on the other hand, is made from neoprene material and offers better thermal protection, making it ideal for snorkelling in colder climates.

Waterproof Dry Bag

A waterproof dry bag is a must-have for keeping your belongings safe and dry while you’re snorkelling. A dry bag is designed to keep water out, ensuring that items such as your smartphone, camera, towel and any emergency items remain dry even if the bag is submerged in water. Choose a dry bag with a roll-top closure and sturdy, adjustable straps for easy carrying during your snorkelling adventures.