Tips for Buying Comfortable and Safe Sandals

Many people prefer to use sandals for certain times because of their convenience. Wearing comfortable footwear and keeping your feet in a comfortable temperature can influence your body and brain to feel the same way.

Convenience is also the reason why many people like sandals and flat shoes. Even on the stage of world fashion week, the models wear sandals.

If you are a fan of sandals, it’s a good idea to listen to the following tips to be shrewder in choosing the right sandals.

Determine the use

Same with shoes, when choosing sandals, of course, you must first determine what they are used for. Going to the beach, going to the bathroom, day wear or pretty sandals with high heels?

Determining the function to use it will make it easier for you to narrow down other functions. If you are looking for sandals for hiking, opt for sandals with strong canvas straps. Hard and stiff soles are also needed to make sandals more resistant to the terrain.

Sandals with closed ends with a more formal model can be used as multifunctional sandals. Comfortable to wear everyday but also still suitable to accompany you on the go.

Meanwhile, flip-flops, which people usually underestimate in their selection, actually have several important criteria. The sole is quite thick, for example.

Comfortable and safe footwear will allow us to carry out all activities properly and smoothly. Even when you are going to buy sandals, make sure that you buy sandals that are comfortable and also safe.

Pay attention to the size

So that your feet don’t get sore or tired easily, you have to make sure that they are the right size. So your foot size should not exceed the sole of your sandals. And your feet should not hang on the front, sides, and back of your sandals.

Make sure that the area for the big toe is snug and wide enough. Oh yes, your sandal straps or flip flops should also feel comfortable on your feet.

In other words, the strap is neither too tight nor too loose for your feet. If the sandals you are going to buy are too big, your feet will easily slip out of the sandals and make your feet hurt.

Pay Attention to Material Quality

The most comfortable sandals are sandals made of high quality materials. If you want your feet to be scratch-free and breathable, choose sandals with leather or cloth clasps. But if you’re going to use sandals for water-related activities, choose sandals whose clasps are made of nylon or polyurethane webbing.

To get more comfortable and secure protection, try choosing sandals whose soles are made of rubber, memory foam or ethylene-vinyl acetate.

Test the Flexibility of the Sandals You Will Buy

When trying on sandals that you are going to buy, try wearing them while traveling. If the front and back have good flexibility, can bend easily, then these sandals can provide the comfort you need. It is also important to pay attention to the sandal pads that you are going to buy.

Try to press the pad on the heel, if it’s too hard or even too soft it means the cushion isn’t comfortable enough for you.

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