The Best Scented Candle Care Guide for New Users

Everybody loves a great-smelling room. It will help you relax and have a better night of sleep. You can achieve that if you have a scented candle, which is another form of self-care. It has tons of benefits for your mental health, such as being able to improve your mood through releasing happy hormones, giving you a longer and more peaceful sleep, alleviating stress, and treating various psychological disorders. Overall, scented candles have the ability to make you happy and fulfilled. Your life will be much better if you have a scented candle with you.

There are many types of scented candles today, such as the Scented Bubble Candle over at Gracie Moon Scents. There are tons more to choose from, all with different fragrances and shapes. So if you want to start using a scented candle at home, you better know how to care for them too. It will preserve them for a bit longer while you enjoy your favorite scents more efficiently!

Remember to Trim Your Wick

When using your scented candle, the first step you should do is to trim the wick by 3mm before using the candle or for every four hours burn time. That’s because trimming the wick will ensure that your scented candle burns evenly without turning the wick into a mushroom. Aside from that, you’ll get a nice and cleaner burn throughout the four hours that you use it. There are wick trimmers available for you to buy, perfect for wicks that are already too low for typical scissors to reach. You can also pinch the wick if you don’t have scissors or a wick trimmer.

Watch Out for the First Burn

If you have a new scented candle, make sure to watch out for the first burn. It’s the most important, so you need to check that the first layer has liquified on its first burn. If not, you’ll get wax that stays up the edges of the candle for every burn afterward. And you don’t want to have that happen to your scented candle. So during your first burn, make sure to burn your candle for at least three hours to prevent tunneling on the second burn.

Keep Your Scented Candle Clean

You don’t want to have debris on your molten wax pool, as it will destroy the look of your scented candle. That means not leaving any burnt matchsticks or wicks in there. That’s because it will start to smoke, and you’ll get black charring instead of the lovely fragrance you wished to smell. Aside from that, not trimming the wick will fall on the molten wax. As a result, it becomes a potential fire hazard while creating an unpleasant smell. Unfortunately, many people ignore this step of candle care, but it will make the candle last longer.

Follow the Four Hours Burn Time

The recommended burn time for any scented candle is only four hours at a time. That’s because longer than four hours can affect your wick, which is already a part of damage issues. Also, make sure to watch the candle while it burns the whole time. You wouldn’t want to have your centerpiece burning because you left it for more than an hour. You need to ensure that it’s placed somewhere safe that’s far from any potential fire hazard, in case you forget about it for more than an hour.