Stop breaking up your weed with your fingers

Did you know breaking up your weed with your fingers could be affecting its potency? Terpenes give most plants their smell, including lavender, rosemary, mint, and cannabis. You can think of terpenes as the essential oils of plants. If you’re grinding your weed without a marijuana grinder, the trichomes, or little hairs on the bud, can stick to your fingers damaging the terpenes, which give your weed its taste and aroma.

Terpenes enhance the effects of THC and CBD; this is known as the entourage effect, or the idea that cannabinoids work better in combination with terpenes and flavonoids, or nutrients found in all fruits and vegetables. Over the years, terpenes have become an important aspect to cannabis consumers. Terpenes have also helped researchers learn why some strains work better than others with similar THC amounts. Terpenes are also thought to have medicinal properties beneficial to your health.

Using an herb grinder will help you to avoid harming the trichomes and terpenes on your weed. The very bottom chamber of your grinder will collect the sticky coating of your bud, known as the kief. The kief consists of these trichomes and terpenes which will accumulate in the bottom chamber. You may then take that kief and mix it into bowls or joints contributing to a better high from your cannabis.

Another benefit to grinding with a weed grinder includes getting a more even distribution of cannabis in your bowl or joint that will burn more consistently. Larger pieces of bud won’t burn as evenly and can essentially be wasteful. Ground weed is also easier to smoke, you can pack more into your bowl, and it’s better for baking with.

Another option for grinding your marijuana is an electric weed grinder. An electric weed grinder works faster than a manual one, and more often than not, is easier to use. Electric grinders are made to hold in one hand while pushing a button, making these types of grinders ideal for people with weak hand grips or limited hand mobility.

Whether you’re grinding with an electric or manual grinder, you’ll be limiting contact with your fingers, and ultimately, protecting the quality and potency of your bud.

If you’re looking to peruse electric grinder options, Wakit Grinders is a good place to start. Offering multiple grinder options using their own patented design, you’ll find an option that works for you without breaking the bank.


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