Recognizing high-quality slime: Don’t just buy the first brand you find online

Slime took the world stage by storm a few years ago. And today, the slippery, sticky, wet substance is still a mind-blowing phenomenon.  What grabs us most, is the self-healing property that any slime brand products possess. Regardless of how roughly you treat it – squish it, mush it, slam it, or even break it up into tiny bits – slime always heals itself and rejuvenates back to its old self. But what other qualities do high-quality slime products exhibit? Read on to learn more!

Be Careful What You Buy

Before we talk about what qualities make a great slime product, it’s important to realize one thing: Both adults and kids love this global phenomenon. This non-Newtonian fluid possesses high viscosity – meaning, it doesn’t “flow” like most liquids or fluids. High-quality products have a more gentle, gradual flowing motion, which captivates everyone who handles it.

But, when you shop online for slime products, you’ll find hundreds, if not thousands of options. How do you know which is the right one for you? Well, before we tell you what to look for, the first piece of advice is: Be careful what you buy online.  Don’t just go ahead and order something you haven’t researched. Instead, only buy a trusted slime brand that has an established reputation.

What to look for

So, you’re now ready to buy some slime for a project you have in mind. How do you know which products are right for you? Well, here are some tips for vetting your purchase before you click “buy now!”.

  • The essence of a product – especially those that are created as a result of chemical reactions – are it’s ingredients. When shopping for the perfect brand of slime product, make sure you understand what goes into it
  • If you’re shopping for slime, chances are that you are looking to have some fun. Be it with kids, or with grown-up friends, colleagues, or family members, slime can offer endless hours of fun. But how much fun can it be to work with a plain, drab-looking, unicolored substance be? That’s why you should buy your products only from vendors who offer a variety of slime textures, scents, colors, and packaging
  • The most high-quality slime makers are confident in the safety and utility of their products. They know that customers who buy once, will love the product so much, that they’ll return for more. That’s why they offer incentives and rewards. Look for a supplier who continually refreshes its deals, promos, and discount codes to loyal customers

Finally, only buy a slime brand which also offers other add-ons and accessories to take your projects to the next level.  For instance, what good would a slime donut look, without chocolate chips or fake rainbow sprinkles? Trusted slime suppliers typically offer everything you need for such projects in kits. You can start with the base slime, and then let your creative juices flow. Try adding some frosting, and then unleash your creativity by decorating your donut with amazing, multi-colored sprinkles – just like the real thing!