How To Keep Your Baby Healthy During Early Days

A newborn baby is very sensitive and even small negligence with regard to hygiene can be life-threatening. In case you are blessed with a baby recently or have someone in your family/friend circle who has had a similar experience, then pay heed to the health factor cautiously. You need to keep your baby clean all the time. For that, use baby wipes instead of a normal towels as wipes are gentle and disposable.

This one tip can make yours and your baby’s life very easy and hassle-free.


Westside Online: Your Shopping Buddy

A new year has arrived, and people are once again ready to shop for their favourite accessories, clothing, etc. Are you looking to replenish your wardrobe with new clothes or to buy something for your child?It’s the right time to go shopping online. There are many sites where you will find what you need, but […]