London is one of the most vibrant cities in the world known for its sights, sounds and iconic fashion. You can find both traditional to stylish and creative to modern jewellery here. There is something for every taste and personality.

If you want to buy a diamond engagement ring in London, you will be spoilt with the options. But don’t worry!  Here we are to help you to find the perfect diamond engagement ring in London.

  1. The Shape

If you know exactly what diamond shape you want, that immensely helps to focus the engagement ring hunt. Every shape is priced differently, and each of them has a different price per carat. For example -Round cuts are the most expensive one whereas pear cuts are less so.

Before buying an engagement ring in London,  studying up the options for ring cuts is essential to know more about them.

  1. The Setting

When you are buying an engagement ring, the diamond setting is critical.  There are too many ways to mount a diamond onto the ring. But each of them carries both advantages and disadvantages.

Different diamond settings create different looks. For example, – a tension setting has an entirely different look because the diamond in this setting appears to float. On the other hand, the prong setting is a classic setting mainly used on solitaire rings to make the diamond more prominent.

There are many types of ring settings out in the market, but here are the most important ones-

  • Prong Setting
  • Case Setting
  • Cathedral Setting
  • Tension Setting
  • The Channel Setting
  • The Pave Setting
  • The French Pave
  • The Halo Setting
  • The Half Case
  • The Bar Setting
  1. Choose The Metal

Traditionally,  yellow gold, white gold, silver and platinum are used to make diamond engagement rings.  However, in recent years metal like rose gold has become apparent as a modern alternative.

Consider lifestyle as well as budget before choosing the metal for your ring.

  1. Measured Properly

This may seem pretty obvious,  but sometimes it can be a little tricky. Your ring should feel snug but definitely in a comfortable way because no one wants a ring that can cut off your blood circulation.

  1. Set You Budget

 Having a budget is necessary during the journey of finding the best engagement ring in London. With cuts, settings, size and material, the budget will allow you to filter the perfect ring for you.

Now you may have one question in your mind- Where to find the best diamond engagement ring London? Well, Hatton Garden in London is the best place to find some great engagement rings. It is London’s very own jewellery quarter. Here are some tips for finding the best engagement ring in Hatton Garden –

  1. Prices in stores are competitive and subject to change.
  2. You can customise your ring with your personal touches.
  3. Opt for a long-lasting material when it comes to your engagement ring.


Don’t get confused in the middle; think about all your priorities and make the best choice. We hope this article will be helpful to you.


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