Chase The Feeling And Dive In Kirstin Ash Jewellery

Now is the time to feel like you are on top of the world. To be able to walk around with some self-love and kindness. And Kirstin Ash Jewellery wants to give back to our communities, one sale at a time! This gives us immense happiness, and we can’t wait for everyone else to feel it too. Below are some of the pieces of jewellery you will get.

1. Silver Dream ring

This ring has been designed to be a multi-purpose ring. You can wear it as a statement ring or on your middle finger. I love the design of this ring and how it’s so simple yet so elegant.

2. The Rope Ring (Black)

This black rope ring by Kirstin Ash differs from the standard rings.

3. Pearls and Bead Ring

Love pearls? So do I! It has a design that puts a hint of flavour in the sea. This ring was designed to highlight the pearl’s beauty, making it a chic addition to any outfit!

4. Sterling Silver Nugget Ring

Pieces of crystals that can be found on the earth are embedded. This gives it a hint of simplicity which is quite charming on your fingers when you wear them out for the day.

5. Isle necklaces

This necklace was designed to be a statement piece! It can be worn between your chest and neck or as an extension to your earrings. It’s simple yet so elegant.

6. Leaf Design Pendant

This silver leaf design pendant has a note of “just like nature.” This is quite poetic. This necklace can also be worn as an extension to your earrings!

7. Sterling Silver Heart Pendant

This necklace by Kirstin Ash Necklaces ensures that you always feel like your heart is filled with love, even during the most challenging times in life. It’s created from 925 sterling silver and has an excellent design.

8. Sterling Silver Trapeze Bangle Bracelet

When wearing this bangle bracelet, you’ll look as though you’re dancing for the whole world to see! This bangle bracelet looks elegant when worn on your wrist, even in a simple outfit.

9. Gold Nugget Hoops

You’d like these gold nugget hoops by Kirstin Ash! They’re made from 14k gold and are simple yet elegant. I love the design of these hoops so much and how they can match any outfit!

10. Turquoise and Rose Quartz Bezel Pendant Necklace

It gives off a feeling of energy which is why it’s perfect for summer outfits! It’s also perfect for anyone who loves nature or is always looking for new vibes to try out!


Kirstin ash jewellery is here to give you a unique and wonderful experience. We were hoping you could always look and feel beautiful, and we want that feeling to last. So now, with your purchase of Kirstin Ash jewellery, you can do just that! Have a wonderful day!