10 Reasons to Fall in Love with Block Pumps Heels!

Is it possible to find heels that would be feminine, classy, ​​trendy and above all… comfortable? The answer is “yes”! In this season opt for pumps with square heels.

Why do women all over the world adore them? Here are 10 reasons!

  1. Comfort

Pumps with square heels are much more comfortable than those with stiletto heels. A wider heel will be stable, even if it is 12 cm. You can wear these kinds of shoes all day without straining your feet too much. They are as comfortable as your women’s house slippers.

  1. They slim your legs

Pumps heels in square shape optically refine the legs. Stiletto heels are more suitable for long, slender legs. In pumps with square heels, your legs will be well proportioned optically, regardless of your type of figure.

  1. They work better than stilettos for a bohemian look

Probably everyone sometimes likes to dress in bohemian fashion. This relaxed style recalls the atmosphere of festivals. If you want to keep a chic touch, consider suede pumps with square heels, more comfortable and less formal than stilettos.

  1. Their heels are resistant

If you wear stiletto heels often, you surely know the flaw in their heels. They have to be changed quite often. This problem is much less present with square heels. Their heels are more resistant, as in the case of boots.

  1. The square heel does not sink between the blocks

Ever tried a walk around town in stiletto heels? It’s a real challenge, your heels may slip between the cobblestones at any time, especially in old towns. With pumps heels you can forget about this problem, because they are simply wider!

  1. A more confident step

Even the most beautiful stiletto heels lose their charm if you haven’t learned how to wear them yet. Go for the square heels and you will feel more confident, this is the most important.

  1. They are suitable for the day and for the evening

This type of shoe is suitable for the red carpet as well as for an everyday look with a loose sweater. Here is another reason to fall for the pumps with square heels!

  1. For young and old alike

High stiletto heels are gorgeous, there is no doubt about it! Their low version is a little less attractive. As for the pumps with square heels – they are very classy in both versions and you can wear them no matter your size!

  1. Some heels are very original

A thin heel does not give so many possibilities in terms of design. A square heel can sometimes be very interesting. Black sandals on a floral heel will be a wonderful proposition for women who are not afraid to go out of the ordinary.

  1. You can dance the night away 

Do you know this situation? You are invited to a wedding, you wear the chicest stilettos in the world and after a few dances you are forced to change them to flat women’s house slippers to continue the evening. Pumps with square heels will be your best companions for this kind of occasion.